I Thought It Was A Little Angel III


A message of love and worthiness and appre­ciation

I’ll admit that at times I felt that a good smack on the bum would perhaps go a long way. Yet my heart urged me to be patient and involve as many people as I could find to regain some balance and stability for all of us.

I found friends and family, teachers, neighbours and acquaintances, any one who ever had anything to do with Georgie and who liked her smile or who enjoyed her company, even if only briefly. Late at night with the rest of the family sound asleep, I found events, people, places and objects. I unearthed everything in Georgie’s past that gave her a little pleasure at some stage. And I strung all of these stories and messages together to bring her a message of love and worthiness and appre­ciation.

After many months of hard work, at Georgie’s 13th birthday I presented her with Georgie’s “Life so far” manuscript and our management plan based on what I had uncovered.

It worked .. for a little while.

Did I find a miracle cure for depression? Nope. Did we find a way to manage Georgie’s depression? Yes, very much so.

We went from a dizzying rollercoaster ride to a tame merry-go-round, which occasionally malfunctions, by either going a little too fast or stopping altogether. But ask either one of us which we prefer and the crooked merry-go-round will get thumbs up every time.

The events described above took place between 1987 and 2001.

Afterword written in the year 2014

Today I read in the news that psychiatric drugs soar among Aussie kids. The website News.com.au tells me that the number of prescriptions for antipsychotic drugs jumped 49 per cent among 10 to 14 year olds over a four-year period, according to a study of government subsidised prescriptions.
The number of prescriptions for antidepressants increased by more than a third in that age group, according to figures for 2009 to 2012 published in the latest issue of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

It doesn’t look as if we have made much progress with regards to helping our troubled youth.

You cannot protect people from themselves.


Georgie letter to self

The most terrifying thing for me throughout the whole ordeal was the feeling that unless I kept my eyes on Georgie constantly … she was not safe. Of course it is impossible to keep your eyes constantly on any child. This meant that I lived in constant fear. Eventually I came to realise that you cannot protect anyone from himself or herself.

 Fifteen  years later

It is now fifteen years later and we’ve travelled a few more valleys since. We’ve tried and applied whatever is available for mood disorders and then some.

We discovered and applied God’s Word

Eventually we gave up altogether on counseling, natural therapies and whatever else we tried that worked a little, for a while. What happened was that we discovered God’s Word and instead of searching out new methods, therapies and supplements, we prayed. We prayed a lot. We searched the scriptures and applied whatever verses were relevant and we did so continuously and persistently.

Slowly, little by little, dark clouds parted and little devils got chased out … and some big ones too.

I’m proud to say that Georgie has matured into an adolescent who’s managed to grab hold of her mind and her life and with God’s help is rapidly becoming the master of her universe.

 God heard our prayers

Once more God heard our prayers. In the process I learned much. One major lesson for me was, that as human beings we have many limitations and not in my hand but

 In God’s hand
is the soul of every living thing,
and the breath of all mankind.

By reading and applying scripture verses, I also learned to love fearlessly

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:
because fear hath torment.
He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Is Georgie still fighting demons? You betcha, but no more than any of us. Nowadays she battles her demons so gracefully and with such a sense of humor that I enjoy hearing about her adventures and instead of pulling my hair out, I now roll over laughing when she relays her occasional roller coaster rides. 

God hath made me to laugh

I sought the Lord,
and he heard me …
and saved me out of all my troubles.

Hahaha, all my fears have evaporated, both my girls are now better to me than seven sons each and I really did give birth to an angel all those years ago …

Once more God hath made me to laugh!



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5 Responses

  1. What a wonderful confirmation of God’s Healing power, thank you Mimi, how very blessed your Daughter is to have you as a Mum. Only recently I warned of the dangers of Secular Psychology and how sad that it has become part of the Church today and many are hurt because of it. Sayings like we need our own boundaries, motivated by the thought; unto our own-selves be True but it’s not what God tells us to do, which is put others first, it is in giving we receive, we are even to cry with others and help carry their burdens.

    God tells us to become dependent and Trusting like a Child, yes with Him but also with each other, we are not an island or do we treat others as if they are, we were created to need others both in Marriage and in the Body of Christ as the Scriptures confirm in the Link below.

    Caring from the heart – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/what-does-it-mean-to-thine-own-self-be-true/

    As you shared Mimi, God is the only Healer and I have found when we Trust and depend on Him He gives what is needed when it is needed, and yes sometimes a caring Doctor who understands and accepts our Christian focus. He knows how much we can endure and gives us strength so we don’t give up and others too who care. He also gives us deep inner Joy in times of trouble and pain. Paul and Silas sang and praised God in Prison even after being beaten and than shackled together on a cold cement floor and you can be sure there was no Ala Cart menu to choose from for dinner.

    Secular Psychology has caused much heartache because it is not based on God’s guidelines, it originally followed Freud’s and some others of the same worldly focus in their teachings, which were based on Humanistic values and they are still being propagated today even with training for Counselors by some Churches but not all thankfully.

    We go to God as you did Mimi and Trust in His guidelines not mans for our direction in resolving our conflicts and unsettled emotions, if what these Psychologists offered was just a caring listening ear there would be no harm done but their advice can cause big problems as it has done including , Marriage breakdowns when they advise Separation or Divorce instead of resolving conflict God’s way and claiming if your seeking to remain faithful to a spouse who is selfish and so hurting you, than your Co-dependent, or weak willed. They have caused Child rebellion, yes they have a right to express themselves but need guidance in forming their values, meaning Godly guidance not worldly. Secular Psychology offering ungodly situational ethics has caused damage in other relationships too by promoting what God tells us is evil as good, Homosexuals commit subside more often than many others in conflict.

    I share from experience as you do Mimi, not a book, thankfully we can Trust and depend on the Author of the greatest book ever written, The Bible, God knows us as no other can and yet people still turn to man instead of Him for resolution of their problems including Christians holding very important Leadership positions in the Churches. This sadly is why the suicide statistics are so high and includes some who go to Church too.

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne.

  2. Mimi
    | Reply

    Thank you Anne, for your kind comments and great links. I enjoyed reading your post and left a comment too. I love the quote of Jesus first, others next and yourself after is Joy! Too true.

    We experienced massive anxiety for nearly two decades because, as anyone dealing with anxiety disorders knows, the family suffers alongside the sufferer. It is not something one can get away from and it is not something that society has a handle on either. The news.com.au article makes that blatantly clear.

    My only regret is that I wished that we would have prayed more sooner. The results have been spectacular for our family. Reading the bible has also been a great source of comfort and help with regards to dealing with situations and getting to a place where we have peace of mind.

    When people talk about fighting demons … it’s no joke, there’s demons alright.

    It’s great sharing with you and I enjoy reading your posts.

    God bless – Mimi

    • Mimi, like Ada another New Blogging friend, you have blessed me so much with your Love and passion for the Lord and as you wisely shared on my Blog, that sums up the Law because it is all about Love.

      I have a friend Mary who suffered Post Natal Depression and this can take a very long time to get over, it was just a few days after the Birth of her daughter that Mary imagined that a very big dried Aussie flower arrangement her husband had given her which were standing near her bed in her Hospital room, were her children and when one of the branches was accidentally broken off, she was devastated. I tried to reassure her when I visited her not long after but she was lost in her delusions, so I just held and comforted her until she calmed down.

      But as incredible as it seems only a few days later Mary was home again completely well, much to the surprise of everyone including her Doctors and the Hospital staff. When I spoke to her she said that God had reassured her by the Scripture below that she was going to be healed and she was, it has now been 25 years since she was ill and still no depression or fear.

      2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power, and of Love, and of a sound mind. (KJV)

      Christian Love Always Mimi in our Unity in Christ Jesus and please give your Daughter a Big (((Hug))) from me and tell her she is very special and I Love her in the Lord too and reassure her that He knows her as His heart Child and Loves her more than she can even imagine and He wants her to know that He could never disown her because He chose her before she was conceived, He knows her heart and it’s very beautiful and she will be healed like Mary was , how do I know because it can be no other way, He is Love and always keeps His promises.

      Blessings – Anne.

  3. Mimi
    | Reply

    Hugs for you and yours and I’ve passed the message on. Thank you for your encouragement and support. That is a special story about your friend Mary and I dare say that your prayers helped things along nicely.

    Joshua 21:45: There failed not ought of any good thing which the Lord had spoken … all came to pass. Amen to that and Praise the LORD for good friends. Thank you
    God bless – Mimi

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