Live forever … according to science. 10 scientific breakthroughs.

10 Scientific Breakthroughs  … Cheat Death and Live Forever

This post is a collection of links to articles on living forever according to various sources which are not linked to the bible or any particular religion.

The first article mentions 10 Scientific Breakthroughs That Could Help Us Cheat Death And Live Forever and is from Business Insider. The article mentions that Google is working on a death defying initiative.

Rockstars of Aging

The second link leads us to a write-up about growing older by Marc Middleton. His book ‘Rockstars of Aging’ is interesting because it is made up of interviews and stories of hundreds of men and women who are or were to busy enjoying life to pay attention to society telling them that they’re supposed to be dying.

In contrast to the first link about scientific breakthroughs, Marc’s book is not based upon surveys, scientific research or the opinions of scholars. His book is based upon extensive, first-hand experience interviewing and observing active centenarians, nonagenarians and octogenarians. I thoroughly enjoyed the read because it is all about real life people simply living life to the fullest.

Many opinions on living forever

Research on the world wide web threw up stacks of opinions from various sources such as an article from Reuters,  ‘Who wants to live forever? Scientist sees aging cured’ and an article on ‘How to Live Forever?’ by Frank Swain writing for Future BBC. The Economist in ‘explaining the world daily’ talks about  ‘How to Live Forever?’ and How Stuff Works wonders if ‘Humans Can Live Forever?’ The Hollywood Reporter talks about ‘How to Live Forever: The (Mad?) Science Hollywood Is Using to “Cure” Death’ and the LordsPub tells us about Australia’s oldest person and how biblical figures such as Adam and Noah lived for hundreds of years, which to me seems like forever.

People’s Encyclopedia

This article wouldn’t be complete without asking the people, aka Wikipedia’s opinion on the subject of living forever.

Forever, eternally, never ending

The above articles from the web about living forever are according to science and worldly opinions. None actually, other than Wikipedia’s article on immortality, address living forever as in ‘forever, eternally, never ending.’
It is the last three forever’s that I am interested in finding out more about.

To find out more about the true ‘forever, eternally, never ending’ I turned to the experts, and our Creator and His Son tell us in-depth about this kind of living forever. I believe whatever they tell me about any subject because I’ve tried out their directions in my life and following their directions always brings the desired outcome. Not one of their directions has ever failed me.

The LORD spoke from heaven Exodus 20:22

History on living forever

History tells us that a whole bunch of people, a few million of them, witnessed God speaking from heaven with promises galore. His Son came to live out some of these promises and a another bunch of people eventually watched Him ascend up to heaven. This is after all the abuse HE copped for being a good guy.

About that last laugh …



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