Free Scripture card – C – Children, keep yourselves from idols

Keep yourselves from idols.

When I was little I collected postcards of kittens and puppies. As a child I slept in the attic and had rows of these ‘cute’ postcards pinned to the wooden beams above my bed. No one I know would refer to pictures of kittens and puppies as idols. But what about movie stars and sports heros? What about the cult figures of children’s tv programs and xbox super heros? TV and other celebrities, pornography? Would we classify these cartoons, actors and images as idols?

What is an idol?

First ask Google

What does the word idol mean? I like to keep things simple so when I try to find out the meaning of a word I first ask Google. Google tells me that an idol is an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship. And according to Google an idol is also a person or thing that is greatly admired, loved or revered.

definition of the word idol according to Google

What Google tells us is that the word ‘idol’ is derived from the words ‘image’ and ‘likeness.’

Then ask Microsoft

Remember I like to keep things simple but I also want to verify that what Google tells me is agreed upon, so after I ask Google I go to Microsoft Word and right-click with my mouse on the word ‘idol’ and what shows are the words: hero, pinup, star, obsession, ideal, favorite, pin-up and statue.

According to these definitions, my pinned-up cute little kittens and puppies were classified as idols after all.

check with Wikepedia

By now I am convinced about what idols are but for good measure I ask the people’s encyclopedia Wikepedia which tells me the same thing once more.

definition of idol according to WikepediaAll the above definitions agree with the biblical meaning of the word idol. Sounds to me that according to apostle John we’re not to have idols of any kind.

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