With GOD Nothing Shall Be Impossible (3)

Elizabeth, Mary and Jesus all agree

‘With GOD nothing shall be impossible’

Remember Sarah and how she gave birth aged 80? Well, this was not a one-off event. A similar thing happened with Elizabeth, the cousin of Jesus’ mother Mary, as described in the Gospels. Elizabeth had no children either. Even though both Elizabeth and her husband Zachariah were good people; they were childless. WITH GOD NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE LUKE 1Zachariah prayed to the LORD and was promised  joy and gladness and a child, despite the fact that they were both quite old.

Mary was visited by an angel who told her that, ‘With GOD nothing shall be impossible,’ and she would receive a, ‘Holy thing … called the Son of God’.

Jesus told his disciples that faith the size of a mustard seed is enough to move mountains and in combination with prayer and fasting can even rebuke devils and cure lunacy. Jesus said that, ‘If ye have faith the size of a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.’

Prayer works miracles

After prayer, Elizabeth received a baby when she was well advanced in age. Mary said, ‘Blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord.’ This is when she found out that both she and her cousin were pregnant and would give birth. Mary was promised a virgin birth.

Jesus said that faith moves mountains and with faith, ‘Nothing shall be impossible to you.’

Those words are worth holding onto. If I had not believed in those words I possibly would not have expected to live. But these words are what kept me going. GOD’s promises, Jesus’ and Jeremiah’s prophesies, Sarah and Abraham, Elizabeth and Zachariah, and Mary’s victories is what kept me going. Because all of them told me that, ‘With God nothing shall be impossible.’ And I believed them then, and I believe them now.

Another excerpt

Following is another excerpt from My Story of Survival. Looking back, my heart fills with gratitude because of the kindness that has been shown to me by everyone around me, and especially My Creator, Our Father in Heaven.


The scans showed that my appendix had gone into hiding and all that could be seen were adhesions. Adhesions are like a type of scar tissue, or rather bands of fibrous tissue that can form between abdominal tissues and organs as a result of trauma such as surgery, infection, and for instance, a ruptured appendix.  Abdominal adhesions can cause tissues and organs in the abdominal cavity to stick together.

Before I came to hospital I had experienced many adverse reactions to antibiotics and my body vehemently protested against the antibiotics, which were administered to me through a drip. Everything got continuously expelled from both ends. As soon as it came in, it went out.

*** USEFUL FACT *** Side effects, allergies and reactions to antibiotics are not that unusual. Common side effects are rashes, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, hypersensitivity, dizziness. See NOTES.

After one sleepless night in the hospital, my eldest daughter phoned around during the next night to find appropriate help for me, because she could see that the treatment I received was not necessarily doing me a lot of good. This drew the attention of some other doctors, and I ended up with a team around my bed discussing what would be the best way to go.

For a little while morphine became my best friend, but just the same it took days for my tummy to stop resembling a plank, and the relentless heaving and nonstop emptying of my bowels was taking its toll. I had to get outta here.

We prayed

My girls prayed and I prayed. I had asked for the drip to be taken out, and it was agreed that the drip would be taken out to see how I would cope, and if it were possible for me to go home to recover further so that eventually I could be operated on and my appendix removed.

Raise me up please 

I was desperate to get out of the hospital and back home and prayed with all my might. In some church leaflet a little while ago I had read about the Lord lifting people up and raising them higher. To be truthful, I didn’t quite know what that meant, but I liked the sound of it, so I went, “Father, if you could raise me up and lift me higher and higher, please. High enough to get out of here and back home with my girls. Not beyond the clouds as yet, but high enough to get out of here, please.”

I quite liked the way that sounded and repeated this a few times, and then fell asleep. The next morning my drip was taken out, and, relishing my new-found freedom, I was waving my arms up and down beside the bed when I abruptly knocked some knob.

Curiosity got the better of me, and as I pressed the knob, the bed started to move up. I giggled and pressed again. Up it went. And again and again, in no time my bed was up so high that my hands touched the ceiling. My giggles became an unstoppable laugh.

Mary, the cleaning lady, came in without me noticing. All of a sudden I realised that she was cleaning beneath the bed. When she was finished she looked up at me and said, ‘You can come down again.’

I giggled a bit more and asked her, “Did you know that these beds go up so high?” She smiled at me and said, “Yep, we use it all the time. Although most of the new beds don’t go up as high as yours; you have one of the last of the older models.” And out she went to continue her round of cleaning.

Within a minute I was back touching the ceiling, and I was still there when my medical team came in a little while later. The Registrar, surrounded by nurses and a couple of other doctors, looked up and asked, “How are you feeling today?”

I grinned back at him, “On top of the world, high as a kite, I’ve never been better.”

I was back home the next day.



on December 9, 2015
This book was a very interesting read. As a nurse, I found it difficult to believe that 10 ingredients could be healthy. But when you read her true story you can understand what she went through. My sister is struggling as a newly diagnosed celiac and I suggested she read it. If you have any dietary issues, you can find some pointers that might help. With all the dietary health issues out there you start to wonder what you can really eat–this book is can get you started.
on December 9, 2015
Having suffered food sensitivities for a number of years, I found Mimi’s story inspirational. It shows the resilience of the human body and the courageousness of a woman’s willingness to survive at all costs. For those who have tried all and still aren’t sure where to start, this book will be of great help.


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