Another Reason I Don’t Want to Be a Nun


Another Reason I Don’t Want to Be a Nun

This book reminds me of what happened to my brother.

Book description

Marge doesn’t want to be a nun. Too bad she is in training to be one. She wants to escape convent life and the nuns. The “True Romance” magazines she reads cause her to dream of an idyllic life married to a man who will provide her with love, freedom from rules, and security. Marge has chosen the man… Can she convince him she is the one?

My review

I thank the author for writing this book.

My brother sang in a choir and everyone agreed that he had a wonderful voice and a bright future ahead, possibly as a singer. Then one day he came home from choir practice and there were hushed voices and strangers coming and going. He never went back to choir practice and when I asked my Mum why, she said, ‘We don’t talk about it.’ And that was that.

This book reminds me of what happened to my brother. It is beautifully written and hit more than one nerve in me. We need more of the real truth to come out and this book is another step in that direction. I thank the author for writing this book.


I became quite unnerved as I was reading this book. But I certainly appreciated the honesty and writing style and the story was written in such a captivating voice that I read it in one sitting,

A compelling read.

About the author

D R Beland is a first-time author from Arizona. When she is not reading and writing she is following her other passion; jewelry design.

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