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This week I’m participating in a blog tour celebrating the publication of the Anthology ‘Glimpses of Light.’

The Anthology is traveling from blog to blog and just arrived from Lynne Stringer’s blog. Before this Charis Joy Jackson shared her thoughts on her experience as part of the anthology. You can read her post here. On the 24th of January the tour will continue and ‘Glimpses of Light’ will be featured on  Adele Jones’ blog.

The anthology Glimpses of Light is the brainchild of and compiled by Jeanette O’Hagan (Goodreads Author) (Author, Editor) and Nola Passmore (Author, Editor).

Book Description

Be challenged, captivated and moved by these imaginative reflections on faith, help in time of need, joy in the midst of tragedy, and surprising encounters with God.

During 2015, the International Year of Light, twenty-one authors from Australia and the United States have come together to explore the theme of ‘glimpses of light’—finding light in dark places—through short stories, poems, flash fiction and creative non-fiction.

Glimpses of Light includes contributions from respected and award-winning authors and poets Jo-Anne Berthelsen, Paula Vince, Lynne Stringer, Adele Jones, Jo Wanmer, Jeanette Grant-Thomson and Ellen Carr, as well as exciting new talent.


Where are you from?
And where are you going?

The basket of chips sizzles as it descends into the hot oil. The shop owner looks sideways at Amelia. ‘Where are you from?’
Amelia tenses, thoughts flashing through her mind. She doesn’t want to be associated with where she’s lived for the last eight years and anyway, she sure as hell isn’t going back there. As far as she’s concerned that means she isn’t from there. She leans against the counter, her clenched hands resting in her khaki trouser pockets. She realises that she doesn’t know anymore where she’s from or where she belongs, but this isn’t the right answer.

Through the shop window she watches her two teenage daughters mucking around in the car. The lyrics of Limp Bizkit transmitted by the car radio fill the air in and around the shop whilst the car trailer with all their stuff is shaken by the children’s antics.
The shop owner follows her glance, continuing his inquisition, ‘Oh, you’re on holidays, are you?’
No, she isn’t. She smiles at him.

Finally he’s covering the chips with salt and wrapping them in layers of paper.
He now demands, ‘Where’re you going?’

She pulls her faded jacket tightly around her whilst wrinkling her freckled nose. She looks up at the ceiling. If only she knew where she was going. The one thing she knows for sure right now is that sh doesn’t know how to answer any of his questions. She has absolutely no idea where she’s going and certainly doesn’t need to be reminded of this.

This above excerpt is part of my contribution to the anthology.

For more go here ..

My review

Glimpses of Light contains stories and poems of imagination and hope. I was stoked that my submission for this anthology was accepted and even more jazzed when I received my copy. I feel proud and humbled that my name appears next to well-established authors and grateful that I was allowed to contribute.

I enjoyed reading all the stories and poetry in the anthology but one in particular touched my heart. It is called Window Seat and was written by Ellen Carr. I found her words warm and comforting despite the hopelessness conveyed.

What struck me most about Ellen’s poetry was not what was said, but the power and holiness of the unspoken in her writing.

Jeanette O’Hagan enjoys writing fiction, poetry, blogging and editing. She is writing her Akrad’s Legacy Series—a Young Adult secondary world fantasy fiction with adventure, courtly intrigue and romantic elements. Her short stories and poems are published in Tied in Pink romance anthology, Another Time Another Place, Poetica Christi’s Inner Child, FAWQ’s Brio anthology, Let the Sea Roar, Glimpses of Light and Like a Girl Plan anthology.

Jeanette has practised medicine, studied communication, history, theology and, more recently, a Master’s in writing. She has lived in Australia and Africa. She loves reading, painting, travel, catching up for coffee with friends, pondering the meaning of life and communicating God’s great love. She lives in Brisbane with her husband and children.

Glimpses of Light is a wonderful gift idea and available as a kindle or a paperback. You can find ‘Glimpses of Light’ on Amazon by clicking this link.


Contributions are from Naomi Edwards, Jeanette Grant-Thomson, Charis Joy Jackson (Goodreads Author), Jo Wanmer, Adele Jones (Goodreads Author)Ellen Carr (Goodreads Author), Paula Vince (Goodreads Author), Mazzy Adams, Lynne Stringer (Goodreads Author), Mimi Emmanuel (Goodreads Author), Anusha Atukorala (Goodreads Author), Josephine Anne Griffiths,Catriona McKeown, Pamela Heemskerk, Adam David Collings (Goodreads Author), Kirsten Hart, Sue Jeffrey (Goodreads Author), Jo-Anne Berthelsen (Goodreads Author), Robyn Campbell (Goodreads Author).


The next stop on the blog tour will be Queensland author Adele Jones blog. She writes young adult and historical novels, poetry, inspirational non-fiction and short fiction works, along with juggling family responsibilities and a ‘real job’ in the field of science. Her first YA novel Integratewas awarded the 2013 CALEB Prize for unpublished manuscript. Her writing explores issues of social justice, humanity, faith, natural beauty and meaning in life’s journey and, as a speaker, she seeks to present a practical and encouraging message by drawing on these themes. Websites:  &


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  1. jenohagan
    | Reply

    Enjoyed your story Mimi – and your review.

    • Mimi E
      | Reply

      Thank you Jenny for your warm welcome.

  2. postboxpoetry
    | Reply

    Hi Mimi, What a great review. I was really touched that you enjoyed my poem, ‘The Window Sear’ so much, and commented about it. I saw your GoodReads comment too but couldn’t work out how to contact you to say thank you. So – Thank you very much! I enjoyed your story very much too. Still have a few of the others to finish reading. But I’m enjoying it all.

    • postboxpoetry
      | Reply

      I’m sure a great review will be forthcoming from me very soon.

      • Mimi E
        | Reply

        Looking forward to it!

    • Mimi E
      | Reply

      Isn’t it just wonderful to be part of such a fine anthology? I really enjoyed the whole experience and am humbled that my submission was accepted. Yes, your story touched me.

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