Faith Your Way To Happy


Faith Your Way to Happy: A Woman’s 4-Principle Approach to Becoming Unstuck & Fully Charged in Life Through God’s Teachings


Live your best life

When we are not living our best life, God always lets us know. We become stuck, unmotivated, unhealthy, and unbalanced when we distance ourselves from God’s plan.

FAITH YOUR WAY TO HAPPYGod wants to lead us His way to achieve happiness and fully charged in life!

How do you manage the magnificent creation God made which is YOU in a powerful way leaving you confident, happy, energized, and well-balanced no matter what life throws at you?

And…how do you become unstuck in any situation just by following what God teaches us?

In this practical, light hearted faith-based book, Christine Mazza explains how you can become unstuck and fully charged in life by following God’s teachings.

Through her personal struggles and Health Coach Certification, she shows the reader how to live a balanced healthy life that is uplifting and inspiring.

In this book, the reader will be given:

• Tools to achieve her best body
• Tools to achieve a powerful thought-life
• Tools to master emotions based on God’s word
• Inspiration to live fully charged, happy, and become the best version of YOU

Don’t waste another moment not living your best life. Become unstuck, follow God’s teachings, and live a happy fulfilled life. Faith your way to happy!


Choose faith over fear

This lady has done her research re food and GMO and organic and why to choose one over the other.

In her book Christine shares her 4-principle approach to becoming unstuck and fully charged in life through God’s teachings.


She does this by addressing body image, thought and emotion issues and inspiring people to live fully charged, happy lives. What I really like is how Christine draws the analogy between food and how and why certain foods serve you better than others and she links this in with God’s purpose for us and our life.

I’ve studied nutrition quite intensely and have come to the understanding that there is way more to food that we realise. Oranges grow close to the sun, ‘when we eat oranges we get vibrant energy’ and more little gems like that.

I agree with Christina that God has a purpose for our life and all we need to do is heed that call to live a fulfilling life. Christine’s book helps us find out how to.

‘Faith your way to happy’ is not just another inspiring read but gives us steps to follow so that we can live our purpose.


Christine Mazza is CEO at Super Woman Mum, she studied Health psychology at Montclair State University and lives in Wanamassa, New Jersey.

Where to buy?

You can get your own copy of ‘Faith your way to health’ when you visit Amazon here.


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