About my mentors… THANK YOU!!

About my mentors

If it weren’t for my mentors I would not have been able to publish 3 books successfully in a period of just over five months.

Michael Hyatt and Chandler Bolt are two of my favourite mentors but I have plenty more such as John Kremer, Penny Sansevieri, Tim Grahl, Tom Morkes, David Chesson and Paul Brodie, just to name a few. This is a big THANK YOU to them all for their support, inspiration and freely shared knowledge. Some of my mentors will be speaking at the next Self-Publishing Success Summit.

Thank you awesome

Self-Publishing Success Summit

This is super exciting! Another Self-Publishing Success Summit has been organised. Last year’s Summit was a huge success. More than 30,000 people took action and thousands of them have gone on to WRITE THEIR FIRST BOOK!

At these Summits we learn from the very best in the industry how to write, market and publish our first book.

This will be the biggest online Publishing Event of the year JUNE 12 -22, 2016.

What is the Self-Publishing Success Summit?

The Self-Publishing Success Summit was created in order to give all writers the complete skill sets to create massive opportunities for themselves. The Summit teaches aspiring and seasoned authors alike how to navigate the pitfalls of the publishing landscape.

During this virtual Summit, some of the top self-published and traditionally published authors impart their knowledge and business secrets to writers at all levels. Why do they want to do this and help with this passion project? Because they’ve once walked in our shoes.

Writing can be very intimidating. Even those who love to write worry about taking the leap into publishing. Many never actually publish their finished work. Why is this?

Traditional publishing is a tough nut to crack, there’s no guarantee that even the most well-written, fascinating book will break through and score a publishing deal. There’s always self-publishing, right? This is true. Self-publishing is available to everyone, but requires a fair amount of skill and knowledge to hit that elusive best seller li

I know that Chandler Bolt will be at this year’s Summit (he organised it) and Michael Hyatt, that’s already two of my favourite people. As well as  Scrivener Coach Joseph Michael, Joanna Penn, Gary Vaynerchuk, Pat Flynn, Anik Singal, Jeff Walker, Barbara Corcoran,  and another 30-odd speakers. They’ll all be sharing their expertise with us for FREE. You’d be crazy to miss this!

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Click here for your FREE access pass. This’ll be FUN!!


This is an invite for you to join the summit for FREE and listen to 40  well-established and accomplished speakers. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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