The Holy Grail of book launching



The Holy Grail of Book Launching

by Mimi Emmanuel

The Holy Grail of Book Launching is a sequel to Mimi's Book Launch Plan and was written Teh Holy Grail of Book Launching by Mimi Emmanuelfor my launch team specifically and all my readers, Indie Authors, Self-Publishers and Entrepreneurs who asked me lotsa questions about launching. My promise to my readers is that I will share all the tips and tricks that helped me become a #1 multiple bestselling author.

I continuously refer people to Self-Publishing School because it is with their help that I published my books and I honestly cannot recommend them high enough.
But readers and team mates continue asking me what did and how I  did it.
So I bundled all these questions together and where possible created mini tutorials such as the ones below because I was researching these subjects for myself anyway and thought I may as well share for all of us to get some joy out of it.

Some of these tutorials are available from this blog and can also be downloadedHOW TO POST TO THE BIG 5 SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS FOR FREE WITH ONE CLICK OF THE MOUSE as a pdf from my friends at Gumroad, such as for instance 'How to post to the BIG 5 (Social Media Platforms) for free,  with one click of your mouse.

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great-tips-for-reviews-on-amazon how-to-apply-to-kindle-scout how-to-create-an-email-signature-2

There are plenty more mini tutorials to come, such as for instance

  • How to create a proposal for my book.
  • How to create infographics for your books.
  • How to create structure for your book.
  • How to support fellow authors.
  • How to create a social media plan in seven easy steps.
  • How to create a book ad in five minutes or less.
  • Many more...


Good quality info graphics are liked and shared three times more than other content. The great part is that infographics are a lot of FUN to create. This infographic tells you what the book contents are all about.

The Holy Grail of Book Launching gives 5 easy steps to launch. Each step has handy graphs with tick-off boxes so that you won't miss a step.

5 easy steps to launch your book by Mimi Emmanuel from The Holy Grail of Book Launching

Below I share the other infographics for The Holy Grail of Book Launching. As you can see, these tell you in a nutshell the content of each chapter.

4 5 6
7 8 9


Anyway, as I was writing away the book became nearly 250 pages which is way too big! Not many readers like big books. Nor does it help to prevent overwhelm. So now what? Should I try to cut it down? Minimise the material? Bring it out in a series? I though about it for a second and after talking it over with some of my buddies decided to bring out three volumes. Volume One, Two and Three all in one go.

And because I do not like beating around the bush and wasting anyone's time I give the good stuff up front in Volume One, which is only around 30 pages long.

choly grail of book launching The Holy Grail of book launching 5


Volume One

In Volume One I show you what I do and this includes my own 10 step marketing plan which includes my Marketing Event Calendar as well as my Social Media Plan and Promo sheet with check boxes and a cheat sheet which helps you to quickly book your promos and keep track of it all.

Volume Two

Volume Two will tell you all you need to know to launch your book successfully in an easy step-by-step guide with tick off boxes at the end of each chapter. Step number six is optional and a bonus which is not essential for a successful launch  but icing on the cake.

Volume Three

Volume Three is the Extra Awesome Sauce filled with information from my mentors and fellow bestselling authors sharing their secrets and tips.


The three volumes of The Holy Grail of Book Launching cover everything you need to know about book launching.

At launch I'll be giving away FREE copies of The Holy Grail of Book Launching and to receive a FREE copy, you can sign up to my newsletter or go to my book landing page which tells you a little bit more about my book.


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