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What is greater than God? More evil than the devil?

What is greater than God? More evil than the devil? Don’t think about the answer, just say it! That’s right. You got it!   * ABOUT THE CONTENT – All content on this website is copyrighted and you can read … Read More

Living forever

About Living forever The religious go to heaven and the non-religious go to hell. True or false? What does the Bible have to say about this? According to Pope Francis, atheists can go to heaven  and the Bible seems to … Read More

Mother Teresa declared a saint. Favourite quotes.

Your story creates a legacy. We know what Mother Teresa did. What about your story?

This is not OK!

Silly me for not realising that forcing innocent women to undress in public will solve all terrorism related problems…

The LORD shall fight for you

This is good. I like this I don’t know about you but I have had and still experience situations in my life where I do not know how to move forward. Some of my favourite Scripture verses that I use … Read More

Is Restitution a Biblical​ Mandate?

Do we have to make up when we muck up? According to the Bible…

WHAT IS LOVE? Does the Bible tell us?

What is Love?
The Bible tells us in detail. It is easy, it is simple, it is beautiful.
Listen up!

Grocery list

FORWARDED MESSAGE about the power of prayer I received the ‘GROCERY LIST’ as a forwarded message and thought to post it here because it gave me food for thought with regards to the power of prayer and the weight we … Read More


BIBLE PROMISE GREAT SHALL BE THE PEACE OF YOUR CHILDREN Aren’t your children behaving today? Aren’t they acting according to what you taught them? Do they find themselves in undesirable situations? This is a good time to take hold of … Read More

Victorious: Living a life of complete freedom and victory in Christ

BOOK LAUNCH  You can obtain a free copy of VICTORIOUS from Amazon on June 20-22, 2016. Victorious: Living a life of complete freedom and victory in Christ written by Barry Tallis BOOK DESCRIPTION God wants us to live victorious lives. … Read More

How To Hear God: A Seven Day Guide

BOOK LAUNCH NEW RELEASES HOW TO HEAR GOD is available for FREE from Amazon on June 24, 25 and 26, 2016. How To Hear God: A Seven Day Guide to hearing God, Book 1. by Ian Banner BOOK DESCRIPTION Would … Read More

Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work

Book launch Get your free copy on Amazon today and tomorrow June 19 and 20, 2016. Why “Bible Study” Doesn’t Work: The epic failure of evangelicalism’s favorite discipleship method – and how YOUR CHURCH can do something about it BOOK … Read More

About my mentors… THANK YOU!!

This is a Thank you to my mentors and invite to The Self-Publishing Success Summit all rolled into one so that you also can enjoy the benefits from the generous sharing of their knowledge.

REVIVAL: the 21 Day Challenge

Book launches reviews Revival: The 21 Day Challenge: Rekindle Your Passion for God Written by Deb Wilson. BOOK DESCRIPTION – Do you want a vibrant relationship with God? – Do you want your life to radiate Jesus in such a … Read More


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BOOK REVIEWS LAUNCH THE WAYWARD SHEEP: MY JOURNEY TO SALVATION by Peggy Chan. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION GOD IS LOVE Do you know that God is Love? Aren’t you always taught that? Well, I didn’t think so, not when I saw how … Read More

A Miracle in the Making: A Journey of Faith, Hope & Love

NEW BOOKS REVIEWS A Miracle in the Making: A Journey of Faith, Hope & Love A Miracle in the Making was written by Patricia Batoba Jones. BOOK DESCRIPTION God, where are you? Have you ever asked, “God, where are you? How … Read More

Devil Get Your Hands Off! 6 Strategies To Snatch Your Kids Out Of Deception

BOOK LAUNCH – NEW RELEASE What I like about this book are the strategies and practical steps we’re given for when we’re about to throw in the towel and want to say, “I’m over it, I don’t care. I’ve just … Read More

Passover special and From Slavery to Freedom

It is the Passover! To celebrate the Passover I am sharing the Passover Special  with Nehemia Gordon and friends and also ‘From Slavery to Freedom’ from Nehemia Gordon’s website. This is an interview that Nehemia had with Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski who draws on … Read More

Child Under Fire: Finding God’s Victory for a Child in Distress

BOOK REVIEW NEW RELEASE Child Under Fire: Finding God’s Victory for a Child in Distress CHILD UNDER FIRE as written by Kate Chattic. BOOK DESCRIPTION Is your child out of control? Do you fear him? You are not alone. I want … Read More

Children are a gift from The LORD

  * ABOUT THE CONTENT – All content on this website is copyrighted and you can read more about this here. Please also read the disclaimer about my authority and qualifications. Occasionally I partner with people because I like their products and you can read about that here. … Read More

Immortality, Death and the Hereafter

BOOK LAUNCHES AND REVIEWS Immortality, Death and the Hereafter: Exposing Mankind’s Most Enduring Deception About the Soul by Shefflorn Ballantyne BOOK DESCRIPTION Have you ever wondered where you will go when you die? Do you dream of the possibility of … Read More

Mary and the Alabaster Box

Mary and the alabaster box. Her sins are forgiven for she loved much. Some say that there are a couple of different eyewitness accounts of the event of “Mary and the alabaster box” in the Bible. We think that there may … Read More

Faith Your Way To Happy

BOOK REVIEWS LAUNCH Faith Your Way to Happy: A Woman’s 4-Principle Approach to Becoming Unstuck & Fully Charged in Life Through God’s Teachings BOOK DESCRIPTION Live your best life When we are not living our best life, God always lets us … Read More

People of Purpose

NEW BOOK RELEASE REVIEW People of Purpose Embracing Your Uniqueness Changes the World ABOUT THE BOOK his book was developed to be a mini training manual to assist you along the way of fulfilling your purpose. You will discover: 1. … Read More

The Benefits of Stress

BOOK REVIEWS LAUNCH Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. The Benefits of Stress Anyone who read ‘My Story of Survival’ knows that the stress factor has been HUGE in … Read More

Valentine Day Special Relationship Rehab

BOOK REVIEWS NEW RELEASES RELATIONSHIP REHAB And the Lord formed man  And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul … And … Read More

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