Why A Blog On Living Forever?

Why would any one write a blog on Living For Ever? That’s a good question and I’ll tell you why. Exactly ten years ago my favourite cousin Les asked me this question during one of his visits to my house: ‘How … Read More

Americans Stand A Better Chance To Get To Heaven

How Many Of Us Get To Go To Heaven? Who is it that gets to live forever? Do we even want to live forever? A little while ago Daily Post’s Scott Berkun posed exactly that question, ‘Do you want to … Read More

The greeting of ‘live for ever’

Where does the greeting of ‘live for ever” come from? The phrase, ‘King, live for ever’ is mentioned repeatedly in the bible starting around 3000 years ago when for instance Batsheba addressed king David. After this occasion the greeting of … Read More

How To Obtain Ongoing Happiness?

Happiness And Love Are Closely Intertwined Some people are always smiling and seemingly happy whilst others seem to struggle their way through life. After a few decades of hard slog combined with much good fortune and a fair drizzle of mishaps … Read More

GOD Hath Made Me To Laugh

God made Sarah laugh. GOD made me to laugh and that’s a fact and I am counting on everyone that hears my story to be laughing with me. Where in the bible did it say that GOD made people laugh? … Read More

Looking for more happiness

Demotion because of disobedience Everyone I ever meet is looking for more happiness. When Eve choose the sweetness over obedience she did so because she mistakenly thought that satisfying her curiosity and taste buds would bring her more happiness than … Read More

The Concept of Living For Ever.

Where does the concept of Living For Ever come from? Around six thousand years ago humanity mucked up big time. Man and wife were enjoying all the perks of paradise when the wife was seduced and tricked by a snake. … Read More

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