written by Jamie Mailhot


Become all that God created you to be and build a life that reaches your dreams!
Do you want to make the most of the one life God has given you?
Are you settling for just getting by when God has called you to so much more?

Your life doesn’t have to fall short of your dreams. You can build the life you’re proud to live!

Epic Christianity was written for those who don’t want to settle. It was written for the Christians who feel like God wants to do something great through their life. It was written for anyone who has ever had that thought in their head, “I was created for something… I have a purpose I need to fulfill.”

In Epic Christianity, author and life coach Jamie Mailhot will walk with you hand in hand through a proven process of self discovery and empowerment to help you build the life that you dream of living.

You will…

  • Learn How to Unleash God’s Favor and Blessings in Your Life
  • Discover Your Unique Purpose
  • Clarify Your Goals and Priorities
  • Build a Life and Plan that Focuses on What Truly Matters

Filled with personal and biblical insights and life principles, Epic Christianity is sure to open your heart and mind in a way that will cause you to never look at your life the same.

Don’t settle for a life that falls short of your dreams and your potential.
Start your 7-Day journey to build Your Epic Christian Life today!





Jamie Mailhot is a faith-filled Christian and dreamer always seeking future goals while living in and enjoying each moment. His passion and calling is to help Christians become all they can be, both individually and as the body of Christ. His greatest accomplishments include never giving up on his purpose and goals, building strong and healthy relationships with his wife and 3 kids, and organizing and developing the process found within Epic Christianity.

He has spent over a decade studying personal growth and success and over two decades as a growing Christian. The goal of his first book, Epic Christianity, was to write a book that combines the greatest principles of personal growth and success with the most important principles of Christianity found within the Bible. He wanted it to not just teach and inspire, but to also be a blueprint to empower the reader to move forward with the information, the actions, and the plans needed to succeed. Then make it simple enough for anyone to read and understand.

With God’s help, he believes Epic Christianity has the potential to empower a whole generation of Christians to discover their unique calling and purpose, develop a vision for their life, and create the plans and take the actions needed to make the most of the one life God has given and entrusted each of us to live.

“It is my hope that through writing, encouraging and building others up, I will be able to empower the Body of Christ and build great relationships with Epic Christians all around the world and together we can impact the world in a way that has never been seen before in history” Jamie Mailhot

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