Grocery list

FORWARDED MESSAGE about the power of prayer I received the ‘GROCERY LIST’ as a forwarded message and thought to post it here because it gave me food for thought with regards to the power of prayer and the weight we … Read More

Mary and the Alabaster Box

Mary and the alabaster box. Her sins are forgiven for she loved much. Some say that there are a couple of different eyewitness accounts of the event of “Mary and the alabaster box” in the Bible. We think that there may … Read More

With GOD Nothing Shall Be Impossible (3)

Elizabeth, Mary and Jesus all agree ‘With GOD nothing shall be impossible’ Remember Sarah and how she gave birth aged 80? Well, this was not a one-off event. A similar thing happened with Elizabeth, the cousin of Jesus’ mother Mary, … Read More

Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD? (1)

Is everything going your way? Is everything going your way today? No? Funny, that, for me neither. But you know what gets me through? The fact that nothing is too hard for the LORD! Therefore, I know that whatever struggles … Read More

Why I like rainbow colours so much

Why I like rainbow colours so much Once upon a time Once upon a time, a long long time ago, God created the heavens and the earth and all that in them is. Starting from scratch Then after we well … Read More

FREE Scripture Alphabet – A –

As a  present to my faithful readers I’ve created a Scripture ABC. Feel free to share these scripture ABC graphics with anyone you like. Enjoy and use these scripture verses to teach your children. I will release these cards one … Read More

Free Scripture ecards

I love you all. I received this card today and felt it too good to not share around so here is a bonus post and card for Valentines day. You can find both cards at my free scripture ecards site where … Read More

Life For Evermore

Life For Evermore … a blessing I thought that I was going to die but instead I survived and found out that there is a manual that tells us how to live forever. How cool is that? For the last … Read More

With GOD all things are possible … true story

What good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? Someone asks Jesus how to obtain eternal life and He responds by saying, ‘If thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments.’ When the person says that he … Read More

Mayhem and curses

The LORD is our rock. Thou art my praise. About depression and an antidote to curses. There has been a lot of talk about depression in the media lately since Robin Williams passing and my thoughts are with his family. … Read More