GOD Hath Made Me To Laugh


God made Sarah laugh.

GOD made me to laugh and that’s a fact and I am counting on everyone that hears my story to be laughing with me.

Where in the bible did it say that GOD made people laugh? In the first book of the bible in Genesis it is mentioned that God made Sarah laugh.

What happened was that Sarah, one of our matriarchs, laughed when God promised Abraham, her husband, that she would have a baby in her ripe old age. Yes, God promised the couple a baby, decades after Sarah’s biological clock had stopped ticking and centuries before anyone had ever heard of in vitro fertilisation. As a reaction to this promise Sarah laughed in disbelief.

Is Anything Too Hard For The LORD?

Skeptical as she was, Sarah decided to take matters in her own hands and insisted that Abraham ensure that one of her maid servants would conceive. Sarah lived to regret that day, but that’s another story.
As usual God’s promise came true and at the respectable age of 90 (100 for Abraham), God gave Sarah a son named Isaac.

When Sarah laughed the LORD said,
‘Is anything too hard for the LORD?’
And the LORD did unto her as he hath spoken.

And Sarah conceived and bare a son
And Sarah said, ‘God hath made me to laugh
So that all that hear shall laugh with me!’

All that hear shall laugh with me

A few thousand years ago, God in his wisdom decided to give a child to a couple of combined age of 190 years and just recently He pulled me back from death’s door a number of times. This tells me that anything at all is possible with God.

Sarah was so stoked that she said, All that hear shall laugh with me!

Aren’t we all just like that? When good and miraculous things happen to us we want to share the good news and celebrate with everyone. Same here; all I can do is laugh and share with whosoever wants to hear.

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