Free Scripture card – B – Be Strong and of a good courage

Promises from the bible.

My Mum told me all the Jesus stories and I absolutely loved them. But when she told me those stories, all these years ago,  I didn’t realise that Jesus was a real person. The way I understood the stories as a child was that Jesus was more like a mythical figure. It wasn’t till years later, when I started to read the bible in earnest, that I came to understand the significance of Jesus’ life and the promises and lessons to be learned from the bible.

Scripture cards

So even though throughout my life I’ve carried around handwritten scripture cards with me and found comfort in them, it wasn’t till much later in life that I recognised the real power and energy of the promises made by our Creator and his Son and the fulfilment of these promises in the lives of real people as mentioned in the bible.

What is love again?

I never thought, like some do, that the stories in the bible are fairy tales. But for most my life I didn’t recognise the reality of the biblical history and the message of the Jewish people. It was only when I became seriously ill and at death’s door that I saw the pitiyfulness of life unless it is filled with true love and dedication to this love. What is love again? According to the Holy Word,

This is the love of God, that we keep his commandments
and his commandments are not hard to keep.

You may well be thinking; what is it with this girl and the commandments? I tell you why I love the commandments so much. My life wasn’t filled with rules and regulations, in my life pretty much everyone did whatever was good in their own eyes. It didn’t work for me. It got me in trouble and it got me ill. As you can imagine in a family where everyone just makes up rules as they go along you’ll find sheer anarchy. Once I ‘discovered’ God’s rules for loving each other, and consciously started to make an effort to stick with those rules, my life just changed miraculously.

Rule number four, rest one day a week

come unto me and I will give you rest

For instance, we’re told to rest one day a week. I don’t know about you but I certainly didn’t ever, rest that is. Once I started to obey the commandment to rest, my whole life started to change around for the better. What follows when we obey this commandment is the peace and knowledge which comes with the understanding that God is in charge and there is nothing you can do by working 24/7 that is going to change that.

God himself rested on the seventh day, after he created our universe. What’s good enough for my Creator, is good enough for me. I’m not arguing with a day of rest but gratefully accept this blessing in my life to completely rest and hang out with friends and family and read scripture and maybe even fit in a good deed here and there.

Be strong and of a good courage

The scripture verse quoted on the second scripture card is taken from the Book of Joshua and we’re reminded in the first book of Joshua to follow all of God’s rules. The promise is, as was given to Joshua and fulfilled,  that as long as we follow God’s commandments, we will prosper, have good success, find that God will be with us wherever we go and He won’t fail nor forsake us.

Joshua 1:9 Be strong and of a good courage

When anything goes awry in our life and this happens in my life all the time, don’t freak out, panic or allow your emotions to take you on a roller coaster ride, just remember that God is in charge and all we need to do is be strong and of a good courage.

I so wish that I had these cards when my children were little and instead of too many hours of counselling sessions and time spent in therapy I could have kissed away their tears, handed them a bible and this card, and said, ‘Darling, just do the right thing and be strong and of a good courage.’


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