How to avoid stress?


MY STORY OF SURVIVAL – How to avoid stress?


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How to deal with stress?

I haven’t always dealt so well with stress. I still do not always deal very well with stress. but I’ve come up with a formula to deal with my stresses that works most the time.

Why is is that some people deal well with their stress and others not so well? In the end we all have 24 hours in a day to deal with whatever comes our way. I read up on the subject of stress to get a better handle on it and deal with it in a more mature way. My Story of Survival will give you a taste of what can happen when stresses aren’t managed or eliminated.
I may include this in the next edition of My Story of Survival. I only came to this formula on reflection and not whilst I was writing.

My favourite book that I turn to for advice, is the Bible and during my period of convalescence I created Scripture Cards  for comfort and advice, which you can send to your friends for free online or purchase in a set of 24 cards.

Favourite Books

In addition to the Bible I also read other books which help me deal with challenging situations in my life. Over the last year I have come across a few gems and like to share these with you.


Toolkit for Wellness: Master Your Health and Stress Response for Life
by Deidre Edwards et al.



This book gives us lots of different tools on how to deal with stress. Really like it!



How to Hear God – Book 1: A Seven day guide to Hearing God

by Ian Banner




This book is written by a man of God who helps us hear God in our lives. Love it!



Greater Balance, Greater Reward: Five Steps to Better Health, Productivity, and Work Life Balance (Greater Balance Books Book 1)
by Jeff Kooz


This book taught me much about balance, and did so in an entertaining way. Great read!



The God Session: Healing the Past and Embracing the Future with Scripture, Science, and Energy Medicine
by Kathryn Springman




This book helps deal with past present and future stresses. Awesome!




The Benefits of Stress: Use Your Stress to Create the Life of Your Dreams
by Robyn Spooner


This book taught me that stresses do not have to be endured, they can be eliminated! Wow!



I Give You Authority: Practicing the Authority Jesus Gave Us
by Charles H. Kraft




This book taught me to exercise the authority I was given and be diligent about it. Empowering!

The above are just some of the books that I’ve come across during the last year that help me deal with stresses in my life.

I’m still  learning and I love to hear from anyone who has found other ways to deal with the ups and downs of life.

If you’re wondering how to divide up your days? I’ll share this with you in my next post.


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