Maidless in Singapore by June Lim

Maidless In Singapore: How a mom of four harnessed the transformative power of trial to thrive… A True Story.

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Maidless In Singapore: How a mom of four harnessed the transformative power of trial to thrive… A True Story.

Written by June Lim.


Ever dreamt of how your journey as a new wife and mom is going to turn out when the baby arrives? When a new season descends, how do we transition into the unfamiliar with grace and grit?

Maidless in Singapore by June LimWhat would you do when your perfect plans falls apart? How do you handle the uncertainty of change when it suddenly hits you?

When the ground of familiarity cracks up beneath us, how do we continue to stand firm in faith and find hope in the midst of confusion? Like a grateful shipwrecked survivor, June managed to swim up to the shore of triumphs, overcoming the rough seas of that many highly ‘transitional’ pain of change.  Before getting there, God in His loving mercy had to confront the many false and self-limiting beliefs that she didn’t know existed in her head…until that sudden change unravelled it.

Through Maidless in Singapore, you will discover that trials are the perfect opportunities that God can use to mould and perfect us into the image of His likeness.

Practical tips

Learn how the transformative process of change helped this Christian mom of four eliminate self-limiting beliefs to overcome the mountainous heaps of chores, parenting struggles, and even marital strife. Let this semi-autobiographical book, encourage you in your mothering journey, help you to create a thriving and fulfilling family life, with practical tips to transit you from helplessness to hopeful joy in your season of challenging changes!
A transformed life starts with a transformed mind.


Wonderful gift idea for new moms. A delightful read. Love it how the author finds strength in her faith as she raises her children and manages her life.


June Lim is an author and mom of four who lives with her family in Singapore.


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